Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 8 & 9 Term 4

Week 8

This week we read an article about the wrybill. We learnt that the wrybill is an endangered native bird of New Zealand with only 5000 of them left. People are helping to save them and they wished the wrybill was as famous as the Kiwi. We reflected on what we had read and some of us prepared y charts and Venn diagrams (click on the image to enlarge it)

Jwon and Jude

Sam and Patrick

We have received a certificate from Michelle thanking us for supporting the Save the Kiwi trust.

We also explored the explanation key. -
Explain how people can find their way in the dark without a torch to find a known kiwi burrow. You can use words, diagrams and labels.

Juwon and Elly





Week 9

With the term coming to a close we finished off the kiwis we had made. We were very proud of what we had achieved. We met with the other junior classes to share our treasured kiwis. We thought it fitting to take them down to our bush area on our school grounds and place them amongst the undergrowth. It was a lovely way to finish off our inquiry.

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On the last day of the term we received letters from Santa.

We were so excited to find that Santa’s sleigh was being driven this year not by reindeer BUT KIWIS. Amazing.