Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 8 Term 4 2008

We started the week by writing cinquains about the kiwi predators and finished the week off by drawing a picture to go with our work and using voice thread to record our voice.

Our predator poems are now on display in our classroom.
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In the weekend Hupai the 1000th kiwi chick was released back to the wild. We watched the news clip from TV nz about it and were delighted to see Michelle from the BNZ kiwi trust on it.

On Thursday the whole school met together and a representative from each of the rooms shared an interesting fact the classes had found out. Then we presented our kiwis covered in the coins we had collected to Michelle. Michelle was very grateful for the $252.70 we had raised to help save the kiwi.

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We have also worked on building a picture from a simple mark on a kidpix screen. (see picture below)

The motivation was the legend, explaining why the kiwi can’t fly. Having listened to a version of the legend written by Katarina Mataira we each drew a picture related to the story. The creative thinking was impressive as each of us incorporated the mark into the picture.

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