Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 8 Term 1 2009

This week we have continued to make the posters about ourselves using comic life. We worked in pairs on the mimio board helping each other.
Look at our results below. Click on the image to enlarge it.




Dong Hae




Week 7 Term 1 2009

We started the week receiving a letter from Jacqui Knight ‘the butterfly lady’. It was so nice to receive all the beautiful stickers. At the end of day we all went home with one.

We drew some beautiful monarch butterflies to display with our personal recounts about the day our butterflies hatched.

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At the end of the week Mrs Chambers brought us in a newspaper clip she thought we might find interesting. It was about people tagging butterflies.

Cultural week at Sunnybrae was a wonderful celebration of all the cultures we have within our school.

On Tuesday the students in the junior syndicate swapped classrooms and we went to three different classrooms to complete an activity/art work from another country.

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On Thursday morning we took part in the cultural parade – the heavy down pour meant we had to hold the parade in the hall. It was amazing to see everyone dressed up.

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Thursday afternoon we took part in a school base ‘sports around the world’. We were split into family groups and played games led by the year 5 and 6 students.

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Some of us have started our comic life posters about ourselves – see below



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 6 Term 1 2009

It has been another busy week in room 15. It was with great excitement we discovered that 3 people had left us a message on our class blog this week.
Jacqui Knight the butterfly lady was one of them – she is sending us some butterfly stickers- we can’t wait to see them.

We have continued to explore the Kid Pix programme and this week we drew a border around a photo of ourselves.

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Next week each of us will have a turn on the laptop, using all our KidPix pictures to put together a page of our work on comic life. We will use captions to explain what each picture is about. Look out for some of these on our next blog entry.

Our shared book this week was about a farmer who loved to wear a large straw hat but it was looking very old and worn. It got us thinking what could be done with the farmer’s old straw hat. Click on the image below to enlarge it so you can read our wonderful ideas.

We were very lucky this week to have a visit from Al a musician and Claire a nurse. They told us a lot about their jobs, the equipment they use and why they like their jobs. We got to ask them a lot of questions and we are learning a lot about why people do the jobs they do and how people help us.

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On Firday we visited our buddy class. They were competing in the school tryathlon in the afternoon and they showed us their bikes.

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Later on in the day we watched some of them competing in the tryathlon as it was on just outside our classroom.

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Reminder - Next week is cultural week – and on Thursday we will have a cultural parade at school.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weeks 4 and 5 Term 1 2009

It was an exciting start to week five, to find that over the weekend our butterflies had hatched. We watched a powerpoint by Jacqui Knight the ‘butterfly lady’ and discovered that our butterflies were both females. Female butterflies have thicker veins on their wings than males and male butterflies have two black dots on their wings
It was great to have a butterfly fluttering around our room. We put it outside and watched it fly away. Later in the day while at swimming a butterfly flew into the area – we wondered if it was OUR butterfly.

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We also watched a video clip of a caterpillar hatching

On Friday the last of our butterflies hatched – it was a male. It stayed in our classroom all day and at the end of the day we placed it outside on a tree.

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On Tuesday we took part in the junior swimming carnival. It was a fun filled afternoon.

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We have continued to use KidPix to draw our families and a favourite thing we like doing. See our work below –
Our Families

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The favourite things we like doing.

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As a class we explored the differences and similarities between a teacher and a fire fighter.

We invited Mrs Stewart our principal into our classroom and through our questioning found out a lot about her, her job and her interests.

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Next week we will reflect on what we have learnt about Mrs Stewart and write down some of the things we have found out.

Our work about Mr Barnes is on display in our classroom.

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