Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Custard's cat flap decorated for Christmas

We have been reading a book about Greedy Cat and how he ate too much on Christmas Day and when he tried to squeeze himself through the cat door he got stuck. Katie kindly pushed him out and when she did the door came out and it ended up around his middle !!!! We are enjoying the story and noticed that Greedy Cat's cat flap was rather fancy- surrounded by tinsel. It got us thinking about how many of us decorate our cat or dog flaps !!!!

Stephanie has a cat called Custard and we have heard a lot of stories about Custard throughout the year - including some rather naughty things along with things that made us all laugh like the time he tried to catch the raindrops as they ran down the glass window!!!!!

Stephanie went home and decorated Custard's cat door and her Mum Joanne sent us this email.

Hi Room 6
Here is Custards Christmas cat door.
It is a bit like Greedy cats one.. but I think Custard has more tinsel on his!
I am not sure what he thinks of it, he has checked out the Christmas tree and he was very sensible, no climbing or messing around with the decorations.
Maybe he thinks this cat door is just all part of the christmas decoration theme going on, ........
or otherwise he has become a bit fancy and thinks all cat doors should look like this!!
have a good fun day and hope you enjoy your fancy lunch

Thanks Stephanie and Joanne

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dinosaur fun - thanks room 14

Room 14 drew this amazing dinosaur on our school playground. We watched with interest as they drew a grid and the dinosaur began to appear. Can you see what type of dinosaur they drew - its fierce, a meat eater and has 2 powerful legs......

It was T. Rex

We got Blake to lie down beside the dinosaurs leg to get an idea of how big T. Rex really was. We discovered he was quite a bit bigger than Blake!!!!

We stood along its tail .......

We stood around its mouth !!!

Then we stood anywhere we wanted to on the dinosaur.

Thanks room 14 for making such a cool dinosaur in our playground and letting us join in the fun.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Celebrating a birthday

At Sunnybrae Normal School, when it is your birthday Mrs Stewart our principal calls you over to her office and gives you a very special bookmark which has the school crest on it. Nicole is turning 6 on the 24 of December. We won't be at school on the 24th so Mrs Stewart called for her today. It was very exciting in room 6 - as she is the first person in our class to be called over and when she came back we all crowded around her to see what she had been given. Now we are all looking forward to receiving a bookmark when we turn 6.