Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 10 Term 1 2009

We have continued to present our KidPix work as a poster (click on each image to enlarge it)

We drew pictures on KidPix related to occupations.See below

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We then recorded ourselves in garage band to make this little movie.

Rebekah’s dad is an anaesthetist and he came in to talk to us about his job and how he helps people. He also talked to us about sailing, as Rebekah and her family are sailing off to Tonga on the 1st of May. He talked to us about reading maps and what life will be like on the yacht

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Term 1 has raced by and we look forward to a fun filled and busy term next term.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week 9 Term 1 2009

Once a year each class presents the school assembly for the wider community and this week it was our turn to present it with our buddy class room 10.

We started the week making pukeko masks together as Max the travel wise Pukeko was presenting a prize to one of the students who returned their travel wise questionnaire at assembly. We had a lot of fun working together with our buddy as the photos below show.

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Some of us even showed some of the room 10 students how to make a poster using the mimio board and comic life. They were quick to learn what to do – Mrs Rennie-Younger said it was because Room 15 student were very good teachers.

On Tuesday we had a visit from the Police education officer and she told us about her job and the equipment she carrys on her. She even took us out to her car and put the siren on.

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Friday finally arrived and we enjoyed presenting our assembly. A lot of parents came and at the very end we got to have a very special photo with Max the Pukeko.

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