Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 1 Term 4 2008

It’s great to have everyone back at school for an action packed term of learning.

Our inquiry this term is focused on the ‘A journey of survival’
Why is the kiwi endangered and is it worth saving? We started with sharing want we already knew about the kiwi, and what we wondered about it. Our wonderings formed the bases of our questions that we will investigate throughout the term. We drew a kiwi in his habitat on kidpix and placed our question on it. As we find answers to these questions we will video each student sharing the answer and place the video clip on the kidpix image. Below are some of the kidpix images – more will be on the blog next week.

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We organised our facts using a Y chart on the floor and reflected on what it showed us. We decided that although we did know a lot about the kiwi we didn’t know much about what it ate or where is lived. These will be the areas we will focus on next week. We also decided that written facts were hard to read and that if we added some visual images it would be more appealing – so we got to and drew some images.

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It was great to see students bringing in items related to our topic of study
These items are much appreciated and will be well used by us all.

This week as we walked to our tennis lesson – we stopped to listen to and admire a Tui in our kowhai tree. The next day another Tui was singing in the tree just outside our classroom. It was so exciting that we have decided to find out more about the Tui next week and will organise what we find into a Y chart.

Our class was also interrupted this week during reading on Wednesday by a sparrow that had decided to join in the learning within our room. It stayed for quite some time and left as we headed out to the playground for lunch!

Finally during reading time this week students have brought in things that they found at home that began with the fl blend. Each of the items was photographed and later in the week the student worked in pairs to create the following images. We think they are fantastic.




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  1. Hi Helen and Room 5
    I thought I would read your blog today, all the way over here in Qatar, to see what exciting things you have been doing in Room 5 - you are doing lots of interesting work learning about the kiwi. I love the comic life blend charts - very colourful.