Sunday, August 22, 2010

What was inside the black bag?

On Friday Austin brought along some news to share with us. It came in this black bag. He was very proud of what was inside it. Can you guess what was inside it? A hint - what was inside it - involved the use of old tyres. He started by using one tyre then after awhile had to add another and then another. We will post the answer next week.


  1. Well Austin I think that inside that black bag is a Tractor or tower. I will be checking back next week to see if I am right or wrong I hope I'm right. Nice work Austin

  2. I think it could be something for worms - maybe you are making them a worm house??

    my other idea was ... are you growing something?

    I also think if you keep putting tyres in the bag you could be making your own weight lifting equipment ... as it must be getting heavy and I can see that you can pick it off the ground!