Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 7 Term 3 2008

This week we wrote two poems one about a helicopter, the other about a dump truck. On Friday we read them both to a partner and decided which one we liked the most. We then read our favourite poem on to voice thread. Most of us liked the poems we had written about the helicopter.

At home Ethan had been on the computer and found this diagram of a hot air balloon and had brought it into school to share with us.

Below are some more of our Venn diagrams showing the difference between parachutes and hot air balloons. (click on each of the images to enlarge them.)





This week our shared book was ‘I want to be the fox’ It was a story about a boy who was taking part in a school production just like us. He was chosen to be a rabbit but he really wanted to be the fox. As a class we did a PMI chart to explore the advantages and disadvantages on taking part in a production.

On Thursday YouSeok brought in a copy of Hansel and Gretel written in Korean and read it to us. It was great to listen to a story read in Korean.

On Friday we made paper helicopters, which was a lot of fun. Some of us tried to take photos of our helicopters as they spun down towards us as we lay down on the ground. Below are the photos we took.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Create and Share Crafts

Below are the latest I spy movies made by Elly and George

Elly's movie

George's movie

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