Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snails, snails and more snails

This week we had a chance to look at a minibeast in some depth - the good old garden snail.

We looked at it very closely - taking the opportunity to sketch it.

We learnt about the parts of a snail and used a mimio activity to reinforce our learning.

We watched this video of a snail eating lettuce - a chance to see the snail's tongue with it's thousands and thousands of small sharp teeth munching it's way through a piece of lettuce.

We found out a lot of facts about snails and used a Y chart to organise our information

We looked at our snail sketches to draw a much bigger snail. We then used a black vivid and dye to make our snails colourful. Play the movie to see all of our wonderful art work.

Some of us drew a snail on KidPix making sure we drew tentacles, eyes, the foot and the breathing hole.

Next week we will write a report on a snail - using the information we have learnt. Look out for us reading these reports in the weeks to come.


  1. Loved your snail clip!

  2. We loved the video showing how the snail ate the leaf, and the music to go with it really added drama.