Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 1 and 2 Term 3 2009

Well the term is under way and so is our new topic of study - ' Bridges ' . We have begun the unit by writing a definition of what a bridge is and drawing a bridge on KidPix. These will be on our blog in the coming weeks so look out for them.

Brodie brought in this photo taken when he was little of a swing bridge across the Storm River in South Africa. This lead to an interesting discussion about swing bridges and one we will continue next week as we make a Y chart to collate all the information we collect.

Over the past two weeks we have written narratives - one about teenagers going to the movies and not being able to see as a lady with a rather large hat sat in front in front of them and another about a monkey snatching a banana from a zoo keeper. These will be on the blog over time as the children draw pictures to go with their stories. These stories are delightful and I am sure you will enjoy listening to them.

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