Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 5 Term 4 2009

On Tuesday we took part in the juniors 'huff and puff' event which saw all the children running around the back field, class by class.

Neve brought in some shadow puppets she'd made at home - after taking home a reader about them. She made a girl and a dog - we used the data projector to view them. It was an opportunity to recap what we knew about keeping safe around dogs. - Be a tree if an angry dog comes towards you, ask the owner if you want to pat their dog, always pat a dog under their chin

On Friday Sarah brought in her cat 'Jack' - just look at the size of him!!!

This week we have looked at this website - to reinforce our learning about safe and unsafe placed to play. Once you get to the website - you need to click on fun games and select the game - safe places to play.

We also looked at using jigsaws to reinforce our learning as they contain safety messages.

We have continued to look at bikes with this week reading an article about Motocross. Some of us have begun to use the computer programme 'inspiration' to show all the different types of bike we know.
Grace - click on the image to enlarge it


  1. Hi Room 15
    I have been 'snooping'on your fabulous class blog.
    The wonderful work you have done on 'Inspiration' has inspired me to have a go with Room 14.
    I thought Neve's shadow puppets were a great idea. But I need to ask!! what's that I can see on your whiteboard? It looks like a gigantic caterpillar..could it be from the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar?
    It is ENORMOUS.

  2. Hi Room 15
    You all looked like you ran very fast on the day of Huff and Puff. You must be really proud of yourselves! It looks like you did lots in week 5 and Sarah your cat is so cute. Great Work!