Monday, February 15, 2010

I can jump by room 6

We have enjoyed reading the book I can jump. Listen to us reading the book we made. We tried to make our voice sad when we read the snail parts and more cheerful when we were reading the grasshopper, spider and butterfly parts.



  1. I enjoyed listening to you read Room 6. I thought you all did an excellent job at making a sad snail voice. Well done. Miss Hughes.

  2. Hi Room 6. We have just listened to your wonderful story and we really enjoyed it. We liked the way you made a sad voice for the snail, it made the story sound more interesting!

  3. Cool podcast Room6!I loved the way you all used expresson. What a cool story.Emma

  4. Hello Room 6. We thought that you were very clever reading your story and we want to try and do that too!

  5. Hi Room 6, What amazing work you have been doing and you all can read so well already and with such wonderful expression! I especially love the great self portraits you have done with Kid pix, What a clever class, keep up the great work and see you at the picnic tonight
    From Mrs Powell
    (Rm 4 teacher and Flynns Mum)