Monday, April 15, 2013

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Last Friday we had a teddy bears picnic down in the woods (i.e.the bush on the bottom field). We made hats for ourselves and our teddies before the picnic.

Here we are in the woods!!

Sharing our food with our teddies.

Back in room one - we found one teddy on the window ledge - exhausted from the picnic!!! He had swapped his teddy bear hat for a Sunnybrae hat. We decided that all of our teddy bears would sleep well.


  1. What gorgeous photos Room 1! It looks as though your teddies really enjoyed spending the day at school with you! I love the way you all made mini matching hats for your teddies, what a fantastic idea. I hope you all enjoyed your special day and picnic with your teds :)

  2. Wow it looks fun you must of been happy