Thursday, November 7, 2013

FIre fighters

Today we had a visit from the fire fighters from Takapuna fire station. They were so impressed that we knew how to firewise. We told them
- that matches are tools not toys
- if we find matches we will give them to an adult.
- smoke does not have any sound so that is why we need smoke detectors in our homes
- if we hear a smoke detector - we have to get out FAST and not stop to pick up favourite toys, pets e.t.c.
- if there is smoke - we have to get down low and get out FAST

We watched fire fighter Troy get into all of his fire gear- They timed him and it took him 55 seconds. We were all very impressed. When he goes into a fire, fire fighter also gets down low.


  1. awesome, must have been a great day!

  2. It must be fun doing your emergency!.from Jaewon rm 8