Friday, July 25, 2008

Week 1 Term 3 2008

Welcome to our first blog entry for the term. Its been an exciting and busy week .We have begun our inquiry into Journeys near and far. Our focus question is why do people go on journeys and what influences their decision on how and why they go on a journey?

We started by looking at a journey we had been on during the holidays, why we went there and how we got there. We wrote about what we did when we got there and used the computer programme kidpix to draw how we got there. Below are the pictures we drew. Our personal recounts and illustrations are on display in our classroom

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We also wrote a personal recount about going on a bike ride. We have begun to draw our bikes on kidpix and will continue this next week. Look out for these on our blog next week.The picture below is the bike Elly drew.

During reading we read the book ‘Bikes’ . This book inspired us to think about all the different types of bikes we knew. Using a computer programme called inspiration we displayed this information using a mind map. We also explored how we could copy an image from google images and add these to our mind map to make it look more interesting. If you click on the image below you can see our work. We will be adding to it over the term.

We have also looked at the different parts of a bike and looked at how you can label a picture of a bike. We all took a photo of a bike and next week we will label our photos using kidpix.

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We also learnt about how you know if a bike is the right size for you. When you put your foot on the pedal at its lowest point your leg should be straight while sitting on the seat. Your feet should also be able to touch the ground when you sit on the seat. We used the bike to try it out our new found knowledge. Some of us were too big for the bike and for some of us the bike was the right size.

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