Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 2 Term 3 2008

This week we finished a class matrix that explored where we had gone in the holidays, how we’d got there and why. We then looked at our matrix and discovered most of us had gone on journeys close to home. We came up with the following reasons why-
- it didn’t cost too much for petrol
- it is quick to get to places close to home
- when you go close to home you can sometimes take a friend.
Most of us had gone by car and had gone somewhere for fun or to see family and friends.

We brainstormed the different types of transport we could think of. (click on the image to make it bigger)

We decided this was hard to read so we thought about how we could organise our ideas by grouping similar things together by colour. Once we had done that we discovered the symbol bar on inspiration and added graphics to our work. Below is our final work.(click on the image to make it bigger)

We also designed some questions to investigate related to the Olympics.
Where is Beijing? How are people travelling to the Olympics? Why are people travelling from one country to another JUST to go to the Olympics?

This week we have read the book Grandma’s bicycle – a book we loved as a lovely character Fred fixed all of Grandma’s problems eg when the sun shone and made grandma hot Fred attached a fan to the bike, when it rained we attached an umbrella. We made a display in our room about it.

We have used kidpix to label the photos of the bike we took last week. We will used these as diagram at the bottom of the information reports on bikes we are currently writing.

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As promised below are the bikes we drew using kidpix – these proved quite tricky to do.
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Also see below the observational sketches we have done of a tricycle, bicycle or scooter.

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