Saturday, August 16, 2008

Week 4 Term 3 2008

This week was ‘maths week’ and as a class we participated in a range of maths related activities run within the school. Daily we took part in an estimation challenge that everyone in the school took part in. On Tuesday we had to estimate how far a bean bag could be thrown. ‘Mike’ the man who was putting up the new classroom blinds listened with interest as we discussed our estimations. We took the opportunity to talk to him about how he used ‘maths’ in his work. He told us he uses maths everyday as he measures the length of the windows and works out where to place the blinds. He asked us to estimate the length of our new blind. Thanks Mike for taking an interest in our estimation challenge and sharing your knowledge with us.

On Friday when our buddy class visited we played maths games together.

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Our shared book this week was called ‘Parachuting’. This led us to explore the advantages and disadvantages of parachuting.(click on the image to enlarge it)

On Friday we made parachutes using plastic bags. We worked in pairs – working and supporting each other. When there was a break in the weather we took our parachutes out into the playground and flew them which was great fun.

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It is pleasing to see some of our class members using the programme inspiration to share their knowledge of bikes. (click on the image to enlarge it.)

We have used the close up photos we took as motivation for this weeks art. Below is Ellisha’s work – Look out for everybody’s work which will be posted on the blog next week

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We have also looked at some sites about hot air balloons and found this great video.

Click on the link to watch a video from HowStuffWorks that explains how Hot air balloons work

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