Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week 4 Term 4 2008

This week we have been on a virtual field trip following our ambassador Sonny B on his journey with Mike the LearNZ teacher into the forest to see the lifting of a kiwi egg as well a health check on Storm a three year old Kiwi. Below is a photo of Sonny B as he started his journey with Mike. Sonny B is on the left Mike the LearNZ teacher is in the middle with Kupe the Kea the LearNZ ambassador.

We have watched video clips of what Mike and Sonny B have seen in the forest. We particularly enjoyed watching the video of ‘Storms’ health check

and the changing of the transmitter where we saw Storms claws – amazing

On Friday room 6 invited us to join in a audio conference with Mike and Claire from Rainbows Spring. They joined us in room 5. It was a great experience as students asked questions and we could all listen to the answers via the polycom. We learnt a lot about the hatching of kiwi chicks and how they look after them at Rainbow Springs.

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Under the direction of Miss Lawless (who is in the photos below) the students have finished off their predator masks and used them to dramatise the Kiwi being attacked in the forest.

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All students have now labelled their photo of the kiwi and these have been placed on the bottom of the information reports each student has written.

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  1. Good Morning Room 5. Wow you all certainly had a very busy week. You have all learnt so much about the kiwi. From what Mrs Rennie-Younger has said on your blog the questions via the Polycom with Room6 was a success. You all must have remembered to be quiet and speak loudly. Well done. I love all the pictures of the masks that you made. If I was a Kiwi I would be scared. You make fantastic predators. As for the children who were Kiwis you scratched through the forest and defended yourselves well. I hope that you all had a good weekend and are ready for another cool week of learning. I will look forward to hearing all about it. Miss Lawless.