Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 5 Term 4 2008

This week we have continued our investigation of how people are helping the kiwi on its journey of survival. We watched the video clips of Sonny B’s visit to the Kiwi encounter at rainbow springs. Wow - Sonny B got to sit next to three kiwi eggs. We were told that kiwi eggs come in different sizes and shapes.

We have also had a visit from Michelle from the save the kiwi trust. She talked to us about how the kiwi is endangered and ways people are helping the kiwi with Operation Nest egg, which includes predator proof sanctuaries. She emphasised that we can help the kiwi by keeping dogs on leads in known kiwi areas. Michelle also showed us photos of the 1000th chick hatched as part of Operation Nest Egg.

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Michelle had a Kiwi ‘look alike’ egg that some of us got to hold. It was the same size and weight of a kiwi egg. Given the size of the kiwi the egg is huge and heavy. Ellisha got the chance to hold it.

We went on to the savethekiwitrust website and watched sniff the kiwi tell us about 006 and its journey of survival.

On this website we found e cards and had some fun sending them to Mrs Stewart, Miss Lawless and Michelle. Below is a photo of Ethan as he wrote the e card.

We were very excited when we received one back from Mrs stewart

This week we have also finished our alphabet key work based on things found in New Zealand. We tried to think and draw as many things as we could related to native birds and the kiwi in particular. Below you can see our efforts.

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  1. Hi there Room 5
    My goodness what another exciting week you have had. It looks like Sonny B had a fantastic field trip. Will he be staying at Rainbow Springs to help keep the eggs warm? I see that you watched Sniff tell you all about 006. I have watched it too and I really enjoyed that story. I love your Alphabet Key Room 5. I can see that you have all worked really hard on this. It can be difficult sometimes to think of a word for every letter of the alphabet. Well done. Have another fantastic week of learning and I look forward to reading all about it on your blog.
    Miss Lawless