Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 7 Term 2 2009

This week we have continued to explore the water cycle building on the knowledge we already have. Our shared book has been the on line book ' Drizzle the drop' and our poem was been 'The Water cycle'
We have explored the following on line activity to reinforce our learning with each of us completing this activity and printing it off.

We then made our own terrariums so that we could view the water cycle first hand.

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We viewed this on line activity

We wrote an explanation of the water cycle and have drawn an image of the water cycle on KidPix.

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Last week Christiane brought in a KFC box which had the instructions on a neat activity called Ice melting madness. The game was simple in groups of 2 or more you had to melt a cube of ice There were a few simple rules namely every team member had to hold the ice at least once and you were not allowed to place the ice in your mouth. We worked in groups of 4 and timed how long it took us to melt the cube of ice. The fun we had and the innovative ways we found to melt the ice. Some of us blew on it, others rubbed it on their faces while others popped in donwn their tops! It was so much fun we did it three times until our supply of ice ran out!!! Most groups managed to get faster in melting the ice.

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At the end of the week , we were delighted to see that our water terrariums are working, with our water cress sprouting. We took the following photos of our work.

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