Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly update

This week we have compared the butterfly with the moth. We read a book that told us a lot of facts about the smilarities and differences between a butterfly and a moth. As we read the book we made a T chart on the whiteboard.

We used the mimio board to reinforce our learning.

Some of us also used a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences.

Next week we will draw a moth and butterfly on KidPix to show you all what we have learnt.

We finished the caterpillars we had been making with Mrs David our student teacher. At our junior school assembly we showed our caterpillars and recited a caterpillar poem. It goes like this. Caterpillar, caterpillar crawling on the wall. Caterpillar, caterpillar crawl, crawl, crawl.

Friday was Mrs David's last day and we thanked her for all the work she has down with us over the past four weeks.

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