Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly update

Week 11 marked the end of our first term of the 2011 school year. It has been a very action packed term. As we headed off for a two week break we took a little break from our study on minibeasts and looked at how we could be firewise.
We looked at .......
* the importance of smoke detectors in our homes
* what to do if we woke and heard the beep, beep of a smoke detector
* the importance of keeping down low and getting out FAST
* the importance of having a safe meeting place outside where the family would meet if there was ever a fire in the house
* the importance of not stopping to collect favourite toys or clothes
* only ringing 111 in an emergency

We read a shared book about how a family was firewise and we used a mimio activity to retell the story.

We also had a visit from the firemen from the Takapuna fire station. They showed us a smoke detector and we spotted one in our classroom. They also showed us a video of how quickly a small fire can grow into a much bigger fire.

As they talked to us all of sudden they had to dash away to a call out. When they returned we looked at their fire engine. Do you know what the firemen keep in their pockets? We do - their gloves - can you see them in the photo below.

As we headed off on our holiday we took a book about being Firewise home to share with our families as it is important for all of us to be FIrewise - adults and children alike.

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