Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A worm house

During week one we read a shared book about a worm house. During the week we looked at this interesting website about worms.We learnt that worms have five hearts and a very small brain as well as what they like to eat and where they live.

Mrs Frazer made a worm house with the children in room 1. She kindly brought it in to share with us and told us a lot more interesting facts about worms. Thanks Mrs Frazer.

We had a look at our worm bin and with our new found knowledge decided we were putting a lot of things in the worm bin that the worms wouldn't like! We are going to be a lot more careful with what we put in it from now on.

We also went over to the school garden to see the compost and worm bin. That's where our worm bin would be emptied into when we put the right things in it!

Some of us thought it was a little smelly!!

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