Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly update - week 4

Book week was a lot of fun.
We all brought to school one of our favourite books to share with each other.

We put a collection of our written work in the library for other people to read.

On Wednesday we had the greatest fun when we went to see Stu Duval a New Zealand author, cartoonist and captivating story teller.

When he drew a series of cartoons - laughter filled the air.

He also drew a picture and told us a story about why possums stare at car lights.

On Friday some of us dressed up for the book parade.The photo below shows us standing with Miss Rall,a student teacher who will be working in room 2 for four weeks.


  1. awesome costumes Room 2!

  2. The book character parade was lots of fun, I enjoyed watching everyone walking around the hall and guessing who everyone was dressed as!