Sunday, February 5, 2012

Welcome to Room 1 2012

Welcome to all the children who have started school at Sunnybrae Normal School. We have an exciting year of learning planned and we look forward to you all taking an active part in our school community.

We thought about 5 things that would help to make room one a great place to be. We decided that in room one we will......
Be friends
Be kind to each other
Be happy
Be ready to learn
Do our best

Here are some photos taken on our first two days of the 2012 school year - you can see we are already working hard on each of these 5 things. Enjoy

When I asked Ben about the heart he had made he replied - I love my mum.
So thanks to all the mum's, dad's and extended family members who have helped to make the transition to school a smooth and happy one.

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  1. Mummy loves you too Ben!!! I love your heart xxxxxxxx