Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 7 Term 1 2009

We started the week receiving a letter from Jacqui Knight ‘the butterfly lady’. It was so nice to receive all the beautiful stickers. At the end of day we all went home with one.

We drew some beautiful monarch butterflies to display with our personal recounts about the day our butterflies hatched.

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At the end of the week Mrs Chambers brought us in a newspaper clip she thought we might find interesting. It was about people tagging butterflies.

Cultural week at Sunnybrae was a wonderful celebration of all the cultures we have within our school.

On Tuesday the students in the junior syndicate swapped classrooms and we went to three different classrooms to complete an activity/art work from another country.

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On Thursday morning we took part in the cultural parade – the heavy down pour meant we had to hold the parade in the hall. It was amazing to see everyone dressed up.

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Thursday afternoon we took part in a school base ‘sports around the world’. We were split into family groups and played games led by the year 5 and 6 students.

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Some of us have started our comic life posters about ourselves – see below




  1. Hi Room 15 I love your blog, it is very creative with all the color, the pictures and videos, your class is a wonderful class with wonderful children and a wonderful teacher. Everything was in your blog and i had a great time looking at your cool blog. It had what every blog needed, color, creativity, information, Everything! Your blog is totally awesome.
    From room 10

  2. Hi room 15 I love all the colourful pictues and your video is totally awesome.Your blog is very creative.Mrs Renniyounger your class is very smart.I think you need to put in more entertaining things like short clips of your class. From room 10