Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weeks 4 and 5 Term 1 2009

It was an exciting start to week five, to find that over the weekend our butterflies had hatched. We watched a powerpoint by Jacqui Knight the ‘butterfly lady’ and discovered that our butterflies were both females. Female butterflies have thicker veins on their wings than males and male butterflies have two black dots on their wings
It was great to have a butterfly fluttering around our room. We put it outside and watched it fly away. Later in the day while at swimming a butterfly flew into the area – we wondered if it was OUR butterfly.

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We also watched a video clip of a caterpillar hatching

On Friday the last of our butterflies hatched – it was a male. It stayed in our classroom all day and at the end of the day we placed it outside on a tree.

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On Tuesday we took part in the junior swimming carnival. It was a fun filled afternoon.

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We have continued to use KidPix to draw our families and a favourite thing we like doing. See our work below –
Our Families

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The favourite things we like doing.

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As a class we explored the differences and similarities between a teacher and a fire fighter.

We invited Mrs Stewart our principal into our classroom and through our questioning found out a lot about her, her job and her interests.

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Next week we will reflect on what we have learnt about Mrs Stewart and write down some of the things we have found out.

Our work about Mr Barnes is on display in our classroom.

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  1. Dear Room 15

    I have been looking at your website and reading your blog. How wonderful to see your photographs and your artwork.

    I love your smiling faces.

    That is a beautiful butterfly that you had in your classroom.

    Keep up the wonderful schoolwork. I am putting some stickers in the mail for you.

    Madam Butterfly (Jacqui Knight)

  2. Dear Room 15

    I have enjoyed your classroom blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art work and all that you've learned about the monarch butterflies.

    Keep having fun learning!

    Joy Bradfield

  3. Hello Room 15. My name is Mrs Lawless and I worked as a student teacher with Mrs Rennie-Younger in Room 5 last year. Once I had left the school I was able to keep up to date with what Room 5 were doing by viewing their blog.

    It is with much excitement that I look forward to doing the same with Room 15.

    Your new skills at using a camera are fantastic. Your photos are clear, in focus and you have caught the subject, (which is the person or item you are photographing) well.

    There has been a lot of great learning in Room 15 in the last 5 weeks. Keep up the good work.

    Mrs Lawless

  4. I like your video and the pictures you class made its very colorful your blog look FUNTASTIC.

  5. Hi room 15,you guy are very creative and I really liked your bright coloured drawings they where very cool and describable.You did very good work on kid pix you did a good job.I really liked it. From Shawn.

  6. Hi room 15 ,your videos are really cool and your drawings are bright and colourful the best thing that I liked was your slide shows and your posters of yourself.Hope you kep having fun doing things on your blog.From Shawn