Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 1 Term 2 2009

It's great to see everyone back at school for a busy and full filled term.

We have started our inquiry based on Water, water everywhere by writing a definition for water that we might find in a picture dictionary. With our definitions written we drew a picture on KidPix to go with it. These can be seen below. We will write definitions again at the end of the inquiry and see how much our thinking has changed.

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We also used the class camera this week to drop a droplet of water on an Autumn leaf and take a photo of it. Great fun was had by all with some very impressive photos being taken.

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On Wednesday with it being a beautiful clear , crisp morning we headed out on an Autumn walk. With our literacy buddy we took photos of what we saw.

At the end of the walk Mrs Rennie-Younger took a photo of us throwing some leaves up in the air. I think you will agree that the expressions on the faces tell you how much fun we had.

During the week Mr Gordon came and collected groups of us to complete a writing survey on line - This was very exciting - with everyone keen to go with Mr Gordon to complete the task.

By the end of the week we had begun to use the schools brand new flip video to record each other reading our Autumn poems. Look out for these recordings as they will feature on our blog shortly.

Friday our buddy class came to visit and we looked at our blog and asked Room 10 to help write a comment on it. We hope that next week students in Room 10 will look at our blog during reading time and leave us a comment or two.

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