Sunday, August 8, 2010

The new sandpit

We have been watching with interest as Mr Barnes works on improving the sandpit.

Jorja took this photo the day Mr Branes drove his car into our playground to drop off some builders mix.

With the builders mix Mr Branes made two new steps. We then watched with interest as Mr Barnes brought in the new fence that will surround the sandpit.

We watched as Mr Barnes put in one of the fences, he had to use very large bolts that cost $21 each and he had to put in 19 of them.

We think our sandpit is looking great and we look forward to the day Mr Barnes tells us that the sandpit is ready for us to use.
Thanks Mr Barnes for all the work you are doing to make our sandpit a better place to play.

1 comment:

  1. I think Mr Barnes id doing a good job too. He has to do a lot of thinking just like you do at school.
    I think it will look very flash when it is finished .
    Do you think there might be some new toys to go in it?