Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using a T chart

This week we have explored how we can use a T chart to sort and organise information. We looked at living and non living things.

We started by drawing living and non living things and putting them on the chart.

We then used a mimio activity to reinforce our learning.

We also wrote about living and non living things and drew an image on KidPix. We will use our images on KidPix to illustrate our writing of living and non-living things. Look out for us reading our stories in the weeks to come.


  1. Wow how interesting your T Charts are! I love the pictures you drew on kid pix of living and non living things. Keep up all the amazing work and look after your amazing teacher too, she is doing a great job with you all. Lots of Aroha Rebecca Hall

  2. Hi Room 2

    Cool chart and lovely pictures.
    Nancys living and non-livings kidpixs drawing are awesome
    I am looking forward to seeing some more pictures