Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making toys at home

Flynn has been busy making toys at home. He brought them in to share with us. We all enjoyed using his fishing rod with a magnet on it - and tried hard to pick up the fish (made from the plastic lid of an ice cream container with a paper clip). Thanks for sharing this neat toy with us Flynn.

Flynn also showed us a toy kite he made with his Dad. It was made with ice cream sticks, paper, string and plenty of cellotape. It's great to see us exploring the toys that we can make and have fun with.


  1. Wow! It is great to see you were inspired to make toys at home Flynn! I really like your fishing game.Some of the children in Room 3 have also made toys at home and we them posted on our blog too.
    From Miss Hughes

  2. Hi Flynn,
    We found your blog via Google search because we hope that we will be making toys soon for Christmas. We think your blog is great and we liked that you've shared your photos with us.

    We are a Year 3 class at Pt England School.

    From Room 9