Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 4 Term 2 2010

It has been yet another busy week in room 6.

Mr Barnes brought in his favourite toy to show us - We were in awe of it - as we watched it go around and around. Mr Barnes is very fond of his toy having bought it 30 years ago in Singapore.

He has looked after it for 30 years making sure that it is always put back in its original box.

Watch this video - We just loved watching Mr Barnes favourite toy and we thought you might too.

Mrs Rennie brought in her favourite toy - it is a doll she was given from Santa when she was five. It's now 73 years old. It has a cloth body and porcelain arms and legs.

It would great if you could tell us your favourite toy by leaving us a comment.


  1. That must have been so exciting having a visit from Mr Barnes and Mrs Rennie. Their toys were so interesting.

    I didn't really have a favourite toy when I was little but I did have a very special doll like Mrs Rennie's. My mummy got a doll like Mrs Rennie's when she was five years old and then when I turned five my mummy gave me her doll. She is 57 years old and is very special to me. From Miss Hughes.

  2. Wow what a fantastic toy Mr Barnes has.
    I can hear and see that you all thought it did some great things.
    your were lucky that Mr Barnes could show it to you.