Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 3 Term 2 2010

We have had another busy week in Room 6. We started the week with a lovely Autumn walk - looking at the lovely Autumn tree just outside our classroom. We scrunched our way through the leaves, gathered them in our hands and then had a great deal of fun throwing them. Our faces say it all.

We went to our first session of badminton. Our coach was very impressed we could make our way through the obstacle course BACKWARDS!!!!

We continue our work on 'toys' and have been busy inviting some people into our classroom to show us their favourite toy. We sent our invitations by using e postcards and discovered this meant that the person we sent it to wouldn't be getting the postcard in the letter box but in their in box on their computer. We got a reply from Mrs Stewart our principal it looked like this.....

The photo below was taken by Flynn. It is of Mrs Rennie-Youngers favourite toy. She got given it when she was 5 years old from Santa. Her sister got one as well. Mrs Rennie-Younger's doll is on the right and is called Sharon. Her sisters doll - (Madeline) on the left is wearing the dress the dolls were wearing when they got them. As the dolls were 'twins' Mrs Rennie-Younger's mother had to write the dolls names on their feet !!!

We would love to know what your favourite toy was as a child. It would be great if you could let us know by leaving us a comment.


  1. Hello Room 6! I have been looking at your blog this weekend to see what you were doing before I arrived - I think you are all so clever! My favourite toy when I was little was my Western Barbie doll and a fold-out Barbie house. I really loved it...but when I got a bit older I gave it all away to another little girl! From Mrs Elliott

  2. What lovely dolls Mrs Rennie Younger, and you have really looked after your favourite toy for all those years!! My Favourite toy was a teddy bear when I was young but I was so sad when I lost it as I used to go to sleep with it everynight! I also remember loving playing with lego when i was little and it is still one of my favourite toys now! I love playing lego with Flynn.

  3. Wow room six Badminton looks really fun. You are very cool to be able to do it backwards. Well Done!!