Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our trip to MOTAT

This week we visited MOTAT - It was a rather exhausting but fun filled day. Needless to say we got to see a lot of toys.

On Friday we recorded this podcast so you can see some of the interesting things we saw on the trip.

We saw a spinning top and we wondered if it was like the one you use to play with Mr Wood?

We also got to watch spinning tops in action - look at the video below


  1. Hi Room 6. We loved your podcast about Motat. We thought the spinning top looked like red and white candy. We liked the swirly pattern when it was spinning.

  2. Hi Room 6, your photos and podcast about MOTAT were very interesting. It looks as though you had such fun while you were learning about Toys. Thanks for sharing it, from Mrs Stewart.

  3. you are very good at keeping the camera still and how long was it spinning for?

  4. Thanks Mark for commenting on our blog. The spinning top spun for a very long time.