Sunday, March 13, 2011

Escaping snails!

Having snails in our classroom has been a lot of fun and we have learnt a very interesting fact about snails. We knew they like to eat at night time but they didn't want the food we had in the container they liked to escape.
Tuesday morning we discovered that the snails could and would eat the paper we had used to cover them

No matter what we covered the snails with they pushed their way out. Over the week we found snails in various places in our classroom
* under the chairs
* in the cupboard
* in the insect books we had on display on the table

We even found one in a headphone which was a long way away from the table where we had the snails - fancy that.

As we headed home on Friday - Mrs Rennie-Younger released the snails so they could explore our school grounds!
I wonder what next week will bring - when we look at caterpillars!!!

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  1. Wow, your snails are very clever! Because your class is so fun and there is such amazing learning happening there, I think the snails want to join in the learning too. See, they wanted to read a book and listen to some information on your head phones. Perhaps this week they might try to operate the mimio Board or computer! Who knows?? I wonder if caterpillars are as clever as snails?? I can't wait to read your blog next week to find out what you learnt about caterpillars. HAVE FUN ROOM 2!