Friday, March 18, 2011

Snails and caterpillars

Another week has whizzed by and it's been another interesting week. We started by recallling all the facts we could remember about snails. We did this by doing an oral language activity called 'the web'. We rolled a piece of string to each other and each of us shared a fact about a snail. When we had finished we had made a web and we placed a ' sock snail' in the middle.

We then wrote an information report about a snail. Using the computer programme KidPix everyone put labels on the snail they had photographed using the class camera. These photos will be placed at the bottom of the information reports.

At the end of the week we set to, to make sock snails with the help of our student teacher Mrs David who has joined us for four weeks. We looked at the sock snail that Mrs Rennie-Younger had made - and it became very clear that the snail was quite incorrect - it clearly did not have a foot and it only had 2 long tentacles when it needed 4, two long tentacles for looking and two short tentacles for smelling and tasting.

It's great to see how our knowledge of snails has grown. Just look at our sock snails - a great opportunity to reinforce our learning.

We have started to look at caterpillar's and have a caterpillar in our classroom that Finlay brought in last week. We have found some more food for it to eat and its is busy eating, eating and eating. We have found out that caterpillars
- emerge out of an egg
- the first thing they eat is their egg shell
- are insects
- have 6 true legs. The other legs are used by the caterpillar to move around.

We have watched this video of a caterpillar eating its egg shell - it's just fascinating.

For art we have looked at the very hungry caterpillar and looked at the techniques used by Eric Carle. We watched a video of Eric talking about the techniques he used.

We drew a caterpillar- and used a vivid marker to outline it. Next week we will start to paint pieces of paper ready to collage our rather unique caterpillars. Look out for these in the weeks to come.

Anthony brought in a little book he had made about The very hungry caterpillar. His pictures are simply spectacular. (click on the image to enlarge it) Look out for Anthony retelling the story later in the week.

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