Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly update

It's been another busy week in room 2. Mrs David our student teacher worked with us to create a describe map about the monarch caterpillar. We now know quite a lot about the monarch caterpillar and have begun to write about them.
We enjoyed watching this video from utube.

We have also been watching the caterpillar that Finlay brought into school a few weeks ago - growing bigger and bigger - all day every day he seems to do nothing else but eat and eat and eat. Watch this video of Finlay's caterpillar doing what it does best - EATING

We have been using KidPix this week to start drawing the life cycle of the butterfly. We started by drawing a leaf and an egg. Next week we will add the caterpillar and chrysalis.

We have continued to paint paper ready to construct our caterpillars - using collage just like Eric Carle did when he illustrated The very hungry caterpillar. We have tried to use different shades of green and different textures.

Terina drew some pictures of the very hungry caterpillar at home. Well done Terina.

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  1. Wow the butterfly was so pretty.