Saturday, March 19, 2011

A praying mantis

On Monday Adriel brought in a praying mantis in an egg carton. Later in the week Isabel brought in a praying mantis in a plastic container.

We needed to make a better environment for each praying mantis and make sure they each had food. Mrs David our student teacher told us that a praying mantis likes to eat other insects and likes to hide in things it can camouflage itself in. Mrs David kindly brought in some crickets and spiders that her daughters and nephew had found. She also brought in a container, ferns, wood and dirt to make a rather impressive enclosure. Thanks Mrs David, your daughters and nephew. Just look at the new enclosure.

On Friday morning we found a slater and a cockroach in our classroom - so added them to the praying mantis enclosure and wondered if we would get a chance to see a praying mantis eat an insect...........

Well we did - can you imagine the excitement when the praying mantis caught and began to eat a cricket.

Watch the videos of the praying mantis eating the cricket.

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