Saturday, March 5, 2011

Using a define map

This week we looked at what a minibeast is. We started by looking at a powerpoint that explained what a minibeast is.

We then talked about what we had learnt and collected our information on a define map.

We found out some very interesting facts like
- minibeasts are all small
- minibeasts don't have a spine
- minibeasts have a skeleton on the outside of their body that protects them
- some minibeasts have 0 legs while others have more than 14 legs.

We drew a minibeast using the computer programme KidPix.

We used our new found knowledge to write about minibeasts.

All in all It's been a great week of learning in room 2.
Next week we are going to look at sorting minibeasts according to the number of legs they have using this mimio activity -

We will also be looking at a minibeast that doesn't have any legs - the good old garden snail. So if you are out in the garden this weekend look out for a snail and bring it to school for us to look at and draw.

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